Help me sell this lens purchase to my wife....


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Dec 30, 2007
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I am thinking of getting the Canon Zoom Super Wide Angle EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

How can I sell my wife on this sale? What is this lens going to do for me (besides Image Stable) that my kit 17-55 that came with my Rebel XTi won't do?

If you could tell me in "Hobby Enthusiast" terms for me... and maybe a little watered down version for the wife!

I have a good Telephoto already, but I am looking to improve my Short range..... I just need to sell the wife on $1,000 price tag.... HELP!
Well the lens has a good max aperture (f2.8) throughout its zoom range which will combat low light problems combined with the image stabilization.

I'd also imagine that the build quality is better than the kit lens, and the quality of glass used will be superior i'd have thought.

AFAIK they're meant to be a very good lens.
Always funny to me hearing about grown men having to "ask permission" to purchase items.

It's a ****ing brilliant lens! 'Nuff said...
I should perhaps elaborate. I've just got my own 'instance' (? :confused:) of that lens. The first thing you notice is it's solidity when compared with the standard kit lens and it's sheer physical size & weight. By comparison, the kit lens is extremely flimsy - ever tried manually focusing whilst on a tripod? The front element floats and flaps all over the place doesn't it. Not with the 17-55mm it doesn't. You have a proper focusing ring on the lens, not a burled rim.

The IS also makes a significant contribution towards image stability. I rarely if ever set the ISO to anything other than 100, regardless of conditions - not because I don't need to, but because I've too much grounding in the film world where changing it part way through a roll wasn't an option. This lens gives you the freedom to do that - handheld down to 1/15 sec isn't really too much of a challenge - granted not your first preference, but it gets you shots you might not otherwise get and isn't that what we all want?

Downsides?: Well there have to be some. Weight - a good bit heavier than the kit admittedly, but not insurmountable. Actually I think that solidity works in your favour when trying to compose shots - your muscles actually have to do something. So far I've found the focusing a bit hit and miss - not sure why but with this lens the AF points appear to work in a different way - no idea why but that's what I'm picking up on. I have only had this thing about 10 days though.
Well I hate to be the contrarian but honestly this is a "pro" lens. If I came to my wife and said I wanted to spend $1K+ on a lens and did no have a professional justification for it (I do, weddings) she would laugh and laugh and honestly she would be totally justified. Really what in the world do you need with lens lilke that you can get perfectly aceptable results with a much cheaper lens. Really, buy what you want but only what you can afford no need to spend he rent money for a lens to shoot for fun. I am not saying that os what you will do but you get my meaning.
my words would be "Oh GOD... PleAAASSSEEEEE???"
Its obvious tell her you need to be able to take great pictures of your kids or, future kids.

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