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    HELP TO SAVE TREESHello fellow peoples who loves trees and all nature that surrounds us. I am there to request the help. Help to save some trees. And of course nature.

    I am from Lithuania and for decades I was working as a wood guard ( donno if this correct English word ). I have walked around trees, I have seen how they grow. I made lot’s planting work wit peeps that wanted to help and I saw how the trees grow up from little seed to nice trees. I have seen lot’s of rabbits some wolfs and deers enjoying them as much as I. And at my middle age they started to cut off trees. Not much but they started.

    Now it is growing industry and trees are cut everywhere. Just because they have money to bribe peeps who can let to do that. And persons who lived grow up trees can’t do anything about that. That’s why I am starting to SCREEM for help in all the world.

    More info in news and photo galery.

    More info at Home - helpsavetreess jimdo page!


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