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Feb 24, 2012
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Norfolk UK
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I have a Lumix DMC-FS30 and load my photos onto my computer with a card reader put them into Adobe Elements
have had no trouble in the past but just recently the photos I have loaded on have gone into 2 folders marked
101 Pana and 102 Pana, the second folder 102 I cannot open the photos, it just shows folders with what looks like Chinese writing under them,
all the photos show OK on the view on camera and even show all OK on my printer, [which I can print straight off card]

so does anyone know why I am getting 2 folders?, and why can't I see the photos in the second folder?

wondered if it was a setting on the camera, I have only a few photos on the card and the setting of picture size is 4.3,

any help gratefully received, thanks

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