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Apr 7, 2010
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Cincinnati, OH
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I'm a beginner and need help!!! I have Canon 50d body and shoot primarily with a 24-70 f/2.8. I've agreed to shoot a wedding for my friend (very informal but still I want to do my best) both the cereomny and reception will take place outside. The ceremony is at 4 and the reception at 6. I need help with my FLASH. I always have the flash (f430 ex) on but it does not always flash. A flash is definitely needed obviously for the reception at night. So WHY is the FLASH not always working? I've tried with several different settings (P, Auto,etc). Is it an ISO setting that I need to change? Also, what is the BEST SETTING to use, seeing that I am an amateur. I want a FAST SHUTTER.
Does it act that way with fresh batteries? How about when using lower power levels?

What I'm getting at is: Could it be the recycle time that's causing intermittent flash ability? It needs to charge up the capacitor between flashes, and low batteries take more time to feed it, and full power takes longer to build up the charge.
you need a lot of help. Highly reconsider shooting you friend's wedding. Qs you're asking are something a "just bought a camera" person should ask. You got the gear but based on your Q you have no clue how to use it, therefore to eliminate the possibility of loosing a friend, THINK ABOUT IT. Don't 4get you'll also need backup gear, Murphy's law exists when you least expected.
Good Luck
Your shutter speed may have something to do with it... My flash (cheap crappy one) wont shoot over 1/180... Try shooting under that and see if that will make it work every time.
Not this old Chestnut again it's going to end in tears, don't worry you will be a pro by your next wedding
don't worry you will be a pro by your next wedding

Hmm...should have told me that before :lol:

But agree with the comments above - might not be the best occasion to familiarize yourself with your equipment, after all, informal or not, they will want some nice memories.

Honest Opinion - check if another friend might be willing to shoot it and act as second shooter...just saying, personally I would not want to risk it.

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