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Sep 26, 2005
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I have recently changed my pricing structure, I now use print credit in my packages instead of specifying a number of a certain size (i.e. 10 8x10 ). I received the print order from a bride who booked when i was using the 10 8x10 structure. WELL - this bride had available to her 20 8x10 20 5x7 and 2 11x14 prints. She decided that she didn't need that many 8x10 etc. and wants to convert the extra $$ to print credit. What do i do? This will significantly increase my cost for this package. I set up my old packages by putting stuff with it and discounting %10. As she has it.... this would have been an a la' carte package which i was not offering at the time.

Is this confusing enough.. I don't want to be unfair.

Without knowing your pricing structure or where you're getting your prints done I'd recommend that you give her 8x10 equivalent (unit) pricing: 2 - 5x7s = 1 8x10, 4 - 4x5s = 1 8x10, 8 wallets = 1 8x10. OR if your 8x10s are priced high enough, you can afford to give her $$$ credit for smaller prints at your current pricing structure.
I would structure it the same way Photogoddess suggested :)
bethany138 said:
...wants to convert the extra $$ to print credit. What do i do? This will significantly increase my cost for this package.

It should be easy for them to see that the additional prints are priced higher than what you've included in your package. I make no excuses for it. It makes perfect sense that you've given them better pricing in a prepaid, quantity package. It's the same in every business... the more you buy, the better price/unit.

I cringe though when a customer asks me, "How much do you charge for a sheet?" I don't sell bedding. No "sheets" here. I think we have Sears to thank for this. And when you think about it, we don't sell 8x10's. You can buy those at any camera store... a whole box of 'em... cheap! But if they want MY image on it, that's a different story.

Some photrographers who feel they have "made it" won't allow their clients to decide on the size or shape of the image. They themselves choose... and the price is the same, whether it's an 11x14 or 29x37. I'm not of that caliber.

But my pricing difference between a 4x5 and a 5x7 in negligible. The price of the folder is the same and the print cost is less than $1 difference. In fact, for my portrait prices (different than my candid/wedding prices) I charge MORE for 4 4x5's than 2 5x7's because my cost if higher (2 more folders). And... they are recieving twice as many prints.

Good luck with this. It's been on my mind too. Digital is changing a lot for me and I haven't caught up with it all just yet.


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