Help selecting Filter Brand and Line (UV/Clear), B+W vs Marumi vs Hoya?


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Apr 28, 2012
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Looking at buying some high quality filters, particularly ones that don't break the bank. The brands I'm looking at are B+W, Marumi, and Hoya. I'm leaning toward B+W and Marumi, but not sure, I've got a 52mm B+W 010 UV-Haze 1x MRC filter F-Pro, no problems with it, but I'm considering using the XS-Pro line or Marumi Super DHG or EXUS lines, however I'm not sure what I'd like to get, considering there is a lot of controversy on this subject, I'd like to talk about the quality between each brand and line, or other recommendations that are good quality.
I don't understand: you already have a filter and you're satisfied with it, then why are you looking for a new one?
I'm confused too.
Are you looking at a line for future purchases of ND, etc filters ?
or just want UV/Clear ones for your other lenses ?

If you are not using them for "protection" then you may want to get a 77mm or larger size of your lenses and use a step-up ring so you don't have to buy the same filter for multiple lenses.
Unless you're buying them for the Nikon F3HP, the only filters you really need for modern cameras are circular polarisers, neutral density and graduated neutral density. UV filters serve no real purpose, as the sensors aren't susceptible to UV light (unless you modify them).

If working in particularly harsh dusty/sandy environments like a beach or dune, then a protective filter may come in useful, but you run the risk of unwanted flares, ghosting and image quality loss. Get a stone flying at your front element whilst shooting motor sports or extreme mountain biking, and it will smash the UV/clear glass filter, scratching the front element to pieces as you attempt to remove it. The new Sigma ones do actually look like they may prove useful under such conditions.

Apart from that, a lens hood is all you really need for protection.
Yeah, don't bother with UV filters for a DSLR, they are pretty useless. As far as other filters go I've been using Marumi Super DHG cpls for the better part of a year now and am pretty pleased with them

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