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Aug 5, 2013
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Hi all,
I'm going to buy a camera but I'm really confused between two cameras. The Canon Eos 700d and the Nikon 5200 d. I think the 24 Megapixels from the Nikon are incredible and looking the comparison, i think Canon is sleeping with their competitors, they've launched the new model 700 D and it 's practically de same camera (650 d) for more price.
Despite that things, i think this camera still good in general, the high ISO (better maximum light sensitivity), the touch screen etc.

On the other hand, i suspect the 24 megapixels is an strategy of marketing by Nikon company and maybe the camera is worse than the Canon in other aspects. According to the net pages of comparisons i read, the Nikon is better, but there is discreepancies in diferent sites.
Well, my main question to decide my pursache is that i'm going to record a lot of videos with my camera and i don't know if the phase detection autofocus of the Canon is better than the contrast detection of the Nikon. I'm scared of the contrast detection, becouse i'm going most probably buy the Nikon. In conclusion, I'm more interested about the quality comparison in video mode but i also like take photos.

About the price, both are now in amazon at the same price. (700 €)
What camera do you recommend me?

Thanks for your help and sorry for my english.
Greetings from Spain.
Don't worry so much about the specs. They are both good cameras, and will perform just fine for that price range. Try to find the camera that fits your hands the best, you will feel it. Its all about love baby.
Hi Daniel - If you are going to shoot a lot of video, I recommend the Nikon D5200. The Canon 700D is far more susceptible to a phenomenon called "moire" (colored lines in patterned subjects that can ruin your shots). Note the colored banding on the rooftops in this Canon 650D video:

Sadly, the 700D has the same challenge with moire.

The best price I could find shipped to Spain for the D5200 was at for about 650€. The best price I could find on was 718€ from Rutten Foto Video in Germany.

Hope this is helpful,

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