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May 17, 2008
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I have my D90 with 50mm f1.8 and I think it is time to get another lens. I was looking around the internet to see what will suit me best but I can't decide at all. I was thinking about getting nikon's 18-200mm because of focal length but I know that picture quality will be average. I was thinkin about getting brighter lens aswell. There is two lenses (I think) that are in my price range (if I had money nhere would be only one choice - nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 af-s):
1. tamron 17-50mm f2.8
2. sigma 24-70mm f2.8
Personally I would preffer sigma because of focal length
Could you tell me something aobut picture quality of those lenses please?

Thanks for any help
I have a Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 EX DG, and I love shooting with it. I hear very good things about the Tamron as well, but from experience I can tell you the only issue I have with it is when I have my camera on auto focus, my hand occasionally gets in the way of the focus ring on the lens and stops it, kind of annoying is all.
it depends on which focal length you actually want/neet. I heard good things about both lenses.
They are both very good lenses. I have the 17-50, and it is great. Really it just comes down to what focal length suits your style best. I find the wider 17-50 to work very well for indoors, and most general shooting.
Jerry will say if you are looking at the 17-50, you should get the Sigma 18-50
Jerry will say if you are looking at the 17-50, you should get the Sigma 18-50

LOL .... where is Jerry today ....

Back to the OP question:
Are you planning to upgrade to a full frame body soon?
If yes, go with the 24-70mm sigma or the Tamron version of that range. Both, from what I read, are very good and cost less. (see the recent Canon vs Tamron testing thread?)

If no, Do you like to take wide angle shots?
If no, same as above

If yes, are you planning to get those ultra Wide angle lens such as 10-20mm range?

If yes, I will go with the 24-70mm range and complete it with the 10-20mm.

If no, get the 17-50mm range ... Tamron or Sigma. I just pick up the Tamron version this weekend.
I would stay away from the 18-200, these lenses can do everything, but not very well. Any of the lenses that the other members are suggesting would be a good option.

What do you mostly like to shoot?

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