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    I'm writing for any advice and knowledge on the use of colour filters and fogging in colour film photography. I wish to explore more the use and effects of colour manipulation within an image, but am in need of some hints and tips. I have attempted to play with direct exposure of sunlight and achieved marginal success. I also wish to experiment with fogging techniques within an image.
    I wish to achieve an outcome along the lines of some of the images by [COLOR=#CC0000 ! important][COLOR=#CC0000 ! important]photographers[/COLOR][/COLOR] such as ryan mcginely and marcelo gomes. In particular images such as the first image on this page Marcelo Gomes / David Byrne / Folha de S. Paulo
    the second and fourth images on this page Marcelo Gomes / Lovefoxxx / Surface to Air as well as the fogging achieved in the first on this page Marcelo Gomes / Taciturn Heart / Hassla Books and the majority of images on this page Marcelo Gomes / Ana Claudia Michels / HoBo Magazine

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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