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Jan 4, 2008
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How can I get both people in focus...Am I doing something wrong on my camera?

I obviously dolled it up a lot to destract them from the fact that there were out of focus!

I had to use my kit lens to get close enough to them...I have a 50 mm, but I would end up across the street.

580 ex II
18 mm
ISO 100

They both appear to be equally focused...

They are both the same distance from the lens, so if one is in focus - the other will be too. It looks like you may have missed the focus slightly. The garage door looks to be more in focus than the people.
Thanks fo rthe reply. I took several shots trying to get them both in focus, and none turned out. I could put a focus "dot" on one or the other, but not both of them. I always have this same problem with large groups. I will be doing bridal portraits with all the bridesmaids soon, so I need some advice on how to keep all girls in focus.
why not bump your f stop to 7 or're shutter speed and ISO seem like they could support a deeper DOF do you think it would be better to do f/7 with kit lens, or use my 50 mm/1.4 with f/7. I just feel like the flash wouldn't reach them if I was across the street. They are under an awning.

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