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Sep 18, 2019
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New Zealand
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I'm just helping my local photography club with some camera identification.
This little strut style folding bellows camera seems to be a bit of a mystery. I have one photo at the moment.
Size is small, almost has a luxus brown finish to the bellows and leatherette. The front face has a gold/ brass coloured finish. Seems to have a German lens and Compur shutter. I cannot see any other markings at all on the camera. Other than the letters WA RA just above the lens.
Does anyone know what camera this is?

Don't know how to post links on my phone Heidi, but if you put the German patient # into Google, DRG 258646, up this little gem comes.
Just searched that and nothing really comes up for me. Did you see a searchable name other than the DRP number?
I did see one camera with a square aback but the front was very different.
Did some more searching and apparently the patent # applies to the shutter and not to the camera. Did however find a picture of a camera very similar to yours with the DRP 258646 shutter, listed as a Zeiss Ikon 1914 folding. Search brings up both plate back and roll film models.

Other companies used that shutter as well
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Very interesting face, I've never seen one like that before. Leaf shutters were mass-produced and from what I've dug up many camera body makers used them. Cool piece.
That's an unusual finish for the period. As such, I wonder if it's been refinished since I've seen old folders whose remaining black lacquer was removed down to brass. Just a thought...
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Perhaps you could post some more pictures, I'm curious as to the spring like object opposite the film advance winder.
I don't think the leatherette has been stripped. It does look like it was supposed to be that way. The gold/ brass finished goes down the sides as well. It's slightly tarnished which is why I think it has not been stripped.
Might be able to get another photo in a couple of weeks when I go back down to the society.
This camera has come out of a large collection. The collector was very particular about the items he had collected...only the best. Knowing him it's something rare.
It’s a Wauckosin Wara German camera although I can’t pinpoint the model. Related to Plaubel. It would help to have more pictures, size of film or plates it takes and so on.
As I’m looking at various models of the Wara, I can’t but think this could be a prototype or a camera issued for some special occasion. It seems to me it’s a strut folding camera from what I can see. Plaubel made these kind of strut folders during early 20th century.

More research...

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