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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by magicmonkey, Jun 8, 2006.

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    This is the way we used to do it for beer campaigns and the like to get the beading on the glass to make it look cold (will work for the hammer too). Gives you total control.
    Get some clear dulling spray (Google and you'll find it) and give the hammer a light spray.
    It dulls down the surface and gives a key for what comes next.
    Get a spray bottle - the ones sold in garden centres are good.
    Mix 1:1 water and glycerine (glycerol) in the spray bottle.
    Spray the hammer. The water will evaporate off leaving beads of glycerol that will stay there as long as you want.
    (Dulling spray cleans off with lighter fluid).

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    Well it looks like there isn't going to be an overcast day anytime in the next week (someone at the met ofice is having a laugh I'm sure!) so I decided to try and set this up indoors again. I closed the curtains and hung my dressing gown on the back of a clothes horse between the set up and the windows to get rid of as much direct light as I could, froze the hammer and then sprayed it with water from a kitchen cleaner spray bottle, how's that for photography on a budget! I did have a go with te oil but found that the frozen hammer had a good effect (thanks for that :D ) and that the water beaded better when it was allowed to melt on the hammer. Anyway, here are the end reults, I'll probably pop them up in the general gallery as well for critique etc.




    Thanks for all the advice guys. As ever, you've all been a great help :hail:

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