Interview with CheryIL!

All of your images are terrific! You have that elusive talent called imagination, and as you know, there are no buttons, dials, or switches on a camera body to make that happen. As a dog lover, I think your K9 photos are really great! Only question: how'd you get them to hold still??
Thanks! The pups will sit and stay as long as there are no distractions. I talk to them the whole time I am shooting, but I can't say "treat" or they will think we are done. For the miniatures I shoot the background and print out on regular paper to show the grands the scene. That helps with the posing and they like to decide who goes where in the photo.
Great read.

@otherprof thank you! Terri did a great job with the questions.

Awesome interview! I absolutely love this idea!

As I've not been very active on the forum for a while, I'm not even sure how long this series has been going on, but I think it's a terrific addition!
Thanks! Zulu and GK had their interviews Jan & Feb. Fun to read about the members.

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