HELP! Working on a buisness IMage


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Feb 19, 2006
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GTA ON, Canada
Hey everyone!

I wanted to get everyones opionon on my buisness image. What do u think of the name.. the design.. the card in general?!?!?!

all comments welcome!



The name and the general design are excellent. Two things I can think of which you may or may not like to consider: Tangerine... perhaps some tangerine colours in there instead of the blues? Also, the G and the O bother me the way they hit each other - perhaps adjust it in some way so it doesn't quite bisect the O so much and distract.

Really good effort though - looks very professional and sounds great too - people won't forget your brand.

Nat, I liked the one you gave me before. The orange really sticks out.

I think I still have it in my wallet...*checks*...yep.

I think you should use the orange again. The colour really stands out, and of course matches better with the actual name.

This desing is much better than the one I have though.
yea... i have to agree with what rob said... (you want me to be honest right).. you do have a good name there, with a creative approach to presentation, but the lettering doesn't look right overlapped and the colour doesn't help it. If you want to stick with this typeface you'll have to either lower the text, or fit in the space after the 'g' which could work. If you choose another type face tho, you may not have this problem as you could go for one were the 'g' takes up less room.
Also one thing i do when designing logo's is to try and represent the name in an illustration of some kind. Although i like the flower motif it doesn't really go with the name 'tangerine', and i think you could make the most of the quirky name by using a more fitting illustration. Looking at the motif your using it could actually be easily adjusted.... a simple circle around the flower shape and coloured orange would make an interesting looking 'half an orange' shape... a possibility? just my advice you can take it or leave it :thumbup:
Thanks for all the comments guys!
It can sometimes be so hard to know what direction to go in with a buisness Image.

I'm going to try to change up the colour and re-post the image.
(the reason we went with the blue though is because I felt that the orange I originaly had was to presumptuous. Its obvious that tangerines are orange so I thought by chosing a cool palette I think i'm underlining the fact that my buisness is hip, different and a little risky....)

Thanks so much for your imput!

OKay please give me your opinions! Blue or Orange?!

I still prefer the Blue but you guys do make strong points soooooo

i'm still not sure what to do!

I like the orange better.
I think the orange goes better with the name.
Okay thanks a lot!

I guess orange it is

I will play around with the type a bit. See if i can do someting about that overlap.

Do u guys think I should get rid of that little flower beside the name all together?

yea i like the orange better, and yea i'd also loose the flower, personally i dont think the flower says anything about you, or your profession, and i often see amature logo design with flowers in them. It looks better as a whole without it. :)

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