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Joel Bolden

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Sep 2, 2020
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Stormstown, Pennsylvania
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I was kayaking on Black Moshannon Lake this afternoon, when I heard an aircraft approaching the local airport. As it got closer the unique sound of it's engine configuration brought back some old memories of the in-line twin engine configuration I hadn't heard since Vietnam; that of the Cessna 336 we knew as the O-2, which was used for Forward Air Control and Pysop's. It finally came into visual range( I was up at 2150') and I grabbed a quick photo of it. Turns out it was the state-of -the-art Adam 500, an all-composite, 6 passenger aircraft designed by Burt Rutan for that company. It's the first in-line twin since the Cessna. I'm sort of an aircraft freak,I flew with a squadron as an aircrewman for a couple of years in the Navy, so I found it interesting anyway. :).
Strange design, that tail looks a lot like thunderbird 2
I would image that push pull prop combo makes an unique sound
Ha, Thunderbird II - Virgil, that was my favourite as a kid. Happy memories.
I've never seen one before, nice.

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