Horizontal or vertical??? Or zoomed-in?

Horizontal, vertical or zoomed-in?

  • Horizontal

    Votes: 14 50.0%
  • Vertical

    Votes: 9 32.1%
  • Zoomed-in

    Votes: 5 17.9%

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What do you feel is the better orientation for this particular scene?
Horizontal (i.e. a landscape taken in landscape mode)?


Or vertical (i.e. the landscape captured in portrait mode)?


Or even zoomed in, maybe? Which is the nicest to your mind?

I voted horizontal, but the zooomed in is nice also, as it shows the gate leading to the next field.
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It's all a matter of taste. I liked the vertical shot most but they're all good.
You don't make things easy for me ;) - but thanks all for coming here, voting and commenting :D.
Umm.. Ha! I couldn't decide that easily but I went with horizontal. With the editing of the vertical :)
The top horizontal is nice...it gives the look that the path goes down and then off to another land past the trees... It gives the viewer/path a place to go.

The vertical just chops everything up and makes the treads the focus.. It's not a scene, just a photo of a couple of tread marks...

The final horizontal gives the viewer/path a destination.......along the woods and through the gate through another portal... possibly the best composed of the three..

Horizontal all the way...........:thumbup:
I like the horizontal and zoomed in versions. Although I think I'd have kept the redish tree on the right in the zoomed in version.
Zoomed in is definitely the best of the three. The first two versions have too much grass that is not nice to look at, and is very distracting... it takes away from the main subject of the image which is the trees.
I like the horizontal and zoomed in versions. Although I think I'd have kept the redish tree on the right in the zoomed in version.

Ah, that's an idea! And I thought I had realised that in my fourth take of the scene (here ), which I decided not to enter into my private little poll, alas!, the little red tree closer to me is not to be seen there, either. Hmph. Oh well, I have every chance to return to that meadow. I could go take all-around-the-year photos of it, actually, if I wanted to.

But I take it I best approach this particular landscape in "landscape orientation" then? OK - thanks a lot. :D
I voted zoomed-in. I prefer the pic in landscape format, and I like the composition of the zoomed-in one, the snowy track is still there as a "lead in" to the rest of the pic, and then you have the trees, fences and the gate to the next field, which you can see, all of which make up a balanced composition. IMHO :)
I voted horizontal, I liked the sweeping path which leads the eye into the shot then you have a diminishing treeline to continue leading the eye to the left, compositionally the first one works best for me
I like both horizontal and vertical versions. The vertical version has a nice eye-leading snow track. Is the saturation increased in the vertical version? They look a bit different.

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