Horses and kitties... as friends


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Nov 27, 2006
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This is a farm cat we have. She's seen a few too many tough winters and has no ears or tail. But she's absolutly gorgeous! :wink:


I went out to see the horses today. I had no idea that these two were such good friends. The cat was rubbing against the horse, the horse was following the cat everywhere (even tried to clean him.. which was when kitty took off real quick for higher ground)

Thanks for looking!
minus the watermark, number 2 is phenomenal!
Oh yes. No 2 all the way (but as spiffybeth is saying: only minus that huge watermark). But that one is sooo cute!

Poor farm cat, she must have frozen in the cold once, twice, three times too often. No more ears :( - no more tail :(.
The water mark is necessary.
The horse belongs to someone I know and I was going to send it to her. She's 'sort of' a photographer and I wouldn't put it past her to say it was her own... hence the watermark.

Thank you for all the comments.
My fiance said it could be a calendar picture... if only I knew how to get my pictures into calendars : (

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