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Jul 26, 2012
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Having shot 3 days worth of waterskiing at the British championships this weekend, I need a way of hosting images on a private site, so that competitors may view the images and contact me should they want any prints. However, I'm not familiar with hosting my own webpages, so advice would be most welcome.

I don't need anything fancy, just some way of allowing others to view the pictures.

Contact a local hosting service, register a domain name, and 'buy' some server space. Generate thumbnail galleries using Lightroom's web module, upload the galleries using the built in FTP client, and *poof* done. It won't look terribly pretty, all you will see will be a plain text page with links on it, but it is quick and very easy. If you want to get a bit fancier, then there are literally dozens of template services and 'DIY' webpage creators. Wordpress has a lot of great templates.
If you don't need it to be on your own website, you could just use any of the popular photo hosting sites like flickr, photobucket etc.

But yes, if you have a domain name and a hosting plan, creating image gallery web pages is a pretty simple process. As mentioned, Lightroom has that ability built into the web module, but there are many free options if you don't have LR. Simpleviewer is one that I've used in the past.
Thanks for the responses. I have Lightroom, so that shouldn't be a problem.

What sort of money should I be looking to pay to a hosting service though? Are you able to recommend any hosting services?
about $75/year if you register with something like Hostgator build your own site with their tools or with a free to use application like Wordpress. (you can buy photo oriented themes)

The simplest way is Flickr (that I detest), Zenfolio or Smugmug - they ahve a complete structure that you just load images into.

(I use Zenfolio)

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