Hot shoe adapters and lighting


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Oct 11, 2010
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Fort Worth
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Hi, I was looking to get a good lamp for my camera. I am basically looking for a soft white light effect and have seen creative lamps made with empty quart sized milk jugs....Is there such a lamo out there? or are these made in DIY fashion? I saw some LED type lamps that can be stacked on one another, are those any good? I like to work with night time photography and indoor function type photos.

Thanks for any help with this.

If you are talking about still photography, then I'd suggest looking at flash units, rather than lamps. Most lamps don't put out enough light to be useful for photography.
i second that... unless you're doing still life's where everything is locked down i would go for flashes instead of continuous light...
Thanks....What I am trying to do is take pics in a dim lit room and trying to avoid that flash deer in the headlights look. For instance, when you snap a shot of someone with a bright white flash they tend to shut their eyes and squint. I will see if I can find a photo out there somewhere and post. Thanks for the advice!

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