How are these corporate shots? CC please

Robin Usagani

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Jun 6, 2010
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These are taken in the atrium of the building. It is pretty much like a glass house. The background was superbright so I have to underexpose it and use flash. How do you think I did? This is my first corporate shot.



They all (except for the last one) appear underexposed on my monitor. It's not calibrated, but I'm positive it's not that far off (just from experience). The dark suits and pieces of clothing really blend with the background. I suppose you did the best with what you had in those challenging conditions. Nice work otherwise.

EDIT: Looking again, WB might be off also. Comparing people from the first three photos to the group photo, they look a lot more red in the single portraits than they do in the group shot.
I think the last one needs to be warmer.. ill fix it. Thanks! I know they are under exposed but I think the subjects are well exposed.
The 3/4 portraits all look decent to me. The color and focus of the background is excellent and the dark clothes blend nicely into into the dark foreground (perhaps underexposed but it works IMO). A slightly stronger fill on #2 might have been good. The last one definitely looks like it has a slight color balance problem but compositionally is very nice.
cool thanks. I will try to add fill light on #2.
I like these shots. I agree with the previous comments about underexposure and the color in the last photo. Everyone has such a big smile. Not used to seeing that, especially businessmen/women :lmao:
i really like them! good work! first three are way too dark though
i really like them! good work! first three are way too dark though
If I raise the exposure, the white shirts will be blown and the background will be blown. Could only do a tad of fill maybe

Next time take an assistant and a large white board... $7 would have filled them in real nicely.
One day ;) Not an option right now.
The blacks are way too black. Skin tones are very orange. Background is blown in the individuals.

The group shot is spot on..... apart from the blacks being too black, lack of details in the blacks and all the blacks melding into one massive mass,

I'm thinking a bit more light might be in order.
Yeah...the group shot looks good exposure- and color-wise...the individuals are too dark and the individual shots for a lighter look on their dark suits would be good.
Unless you need that 7400 above buddies head. I would clone it out. Everyone has said the rest. Just wondering if your editting with lightroom 3. You dont have to raise the exposure. You could always use an adjustment brush to dodge in the black areas.
I think they all look good. The first two are underexposed as said, but not bad, and it doesn't ruin the shot. I think you did pretty good for only using one flash especially.
theres a good article on the strobist blog about reducing or even eliminating glare and reflection while shooting headshots of people wearing glasses. it requires only a slight angle. lemme see if i can find back in a bit. :D
I think they look good maybe use a little more contrast on the last one for a little more warmth in color. What are they going to be used for?

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