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Jun 13, 2010
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Hard drive! Geez people! :lmao:

I'm curious. I've got about 3 months of shooting in and I'm constantly worried about running out of space. (I still have tons left, but I have to worry about something.)

Do you delete your RAW files after you edit and save a full size JPEG? And maybe a low rez one for internet use?
The server has 2.5TB and about 700GB free. I'm going to probably add another 2-4 TB to it. The Macbook Pro has a 500GB HDD, my Windows 7 partition on my desktop is only about 120GB, but it's a 10k RPM drive for gaming and the OS X partition drive in the same desktop is 500GB. My two external HDDs are 80GB and 230GB, IIRC.

The server has movies and images and backups and other stuff on it. It's all mirrored, so that really chews up space, but provides redundancy. I think I have nearly 700GB of photos alone.
Holy gaaaawd VI...what the heck?? You're like the big, fat happy man of hard drive space...

What server you runnin'?
I actually filled my laptops HD up.

I bought a 360GB-ish HD for like $50. Should last me for awhile. I tend to save multiple edits of each picture so space goes quickly.

Not to mention my huge 100+ GB music collection...
Holy gaaaawd VI...what the heck?? You're like the big, fat happy man of hard drive space...

What server you runnin'?

Best investment evAr!
HP MediaSmart Server

Space is so cheap and 21mp RAW files are so big. Newegg had decent 2TB HDDs for something like $140 at one point.
I currently own 2 ready nas 1100 3TB each, one is filled already with 10-11 aperture library's and my copied over RAW files. My Dual G5 has 2 500GB's one is my time machine which i need to format and start over again :). This was my first setup with all my old video files i used to edit and music.
So now I find out I mine is the smallest...and I'm unfair is that???? I'm undersized in two least I have my brai.....three departments I'm small camera is pretty bi....four...four departments I'm miniscule in...
Unless I'm documenting a family or social gathering (i.e., snapshots), my personal standard for what counts as a "keeper" prevents me from saving many of my raw files for any length of time. I rarely regret deleting a so-so image file from a purpose-driven photography session.

If I know I'm just going to be shooting snapshots, I'll shoot jpegs. If I'm deliberately shooting for the craft of it, I shoot raw files and discard the crappy ones almost immediately.

Shooting this way, I haven't even come close to encroaching on the limits of my 1TB drive. When the time comes, I'll buy more storage.
maybe 1tb of space... but i have one of the CD folders from wallyworld that holds like 600+ cd's with it half full of raw or processed pictures i like. i dont really like to keep anything on my HD for to long, windows reliability is not the greatest.
Right now I keep current projects and all related files down to the RAW file on my laptop, which is 320gb. When they are finished I move them to a 320gb external drive, and I'm getting ready to start burning dvd's to put in my safe because I've always had concern about hard drives and how easy they can fail. I look at hard drives as just kind of an easier way to access things that I don't want on my system anymore. At the moment they just aren't very reliable backup devices.
a 500 gig external
I have 1.5TB in externals and getting another 1TB (minimal) soon.
1TB in my desktop, 80GB in my laptop. Laptop is just for web, school, and programming. All of my photo stuff is on the desktop. I currently have 26GB of photos.

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