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Oct 6, 2007
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It's funny how there is such a diffrence in the critique on this website vs. the critique and feedback I get on flickr. I think on flickr I'm able to understand the feedback and CC alot better, as this site may have more "advanced" photographers on it? I'm learning everyday...and I love feedback and advice (mind I'm only 16 and self taught) and I think I might benifit more from CC on flickr but I might learn more from the slighty more harsh and to the point critique's I'm getting on this site. Theres pros and cons to both websites...and theres alot to be learned on both. The people on this site are very good at pointing out ALL of my flaws and mistakes and telling me things that they don't like and why and I think my flickr contacts are more able to look at the picture and find out why I might like it and respect that and then give CC and advice about it. I don't know which I find more effective...but I appreciate all of the members on here who have responded through messages to me to help me improve the pictures I have guys are so awesome!

Heres an example heres the picture I posted on here and it's feedback:
And the same picture on flickr and it's feedback/comments:
Whats stopping you from doing both and comparing results? Why limit yourself to only 1 place of learning? ;)
I think it is a neat image but one thing stands out to me is that on flikr it looks alot better exposed than it does here. Mabye it is my monitor but on the forum it looks alot more washed out and that may have been a source of the negative comments. Also you are going to get alot more technical criticism on this forum than anywhere else but I do agree that you should take both sides and run with them because taken together they make for a good lesson.
I think it is a neat image but one thing stands out to me is that on flikr it looks alot better exposed than it does here.

It is the same for me. I think that the people on here probably have more experience and take more time that most people on flickr. Great shot btw!
On flicker people leave comments. Which are wonderful for the self-esteem and getting general praise and pointers. Here you get criticism, which will involve putting your images under a variety of microscopes and pointing out every possible flaw. Good criticism should include at least one good point along with the bad. As with any stylistic work, your looking for what other people see in it, good or bad. You then decide what opinions you like, which you don't, and you strive to make yourself better.

I love the comments I get on Deviant Art, however I don't learn much from them.
I consider Flickr more of a fun loving enjoyment of photography site...
This is more of a "get better pictures through learning" site.

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