How do I achieve this editing technique?


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May 28, 2013
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Forgive me if this is super remedial but how do I achieve this feel of golden, fall light? It is a filter in PS or a lens filter or...? Thanks in advance!

FYI - not my image, full credit to Summer Lyn out of NY. > See post #5 for link <
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Photoshop action of some sort. There's a ton online for free.
Unless you have the permission to post from Summer Lynn, you need to post link rather than picture.
Looks like the highlights were completely blown in the top left. She may have recovered them to an extent, but I'm assuming this filter was used in part to hide the blown highlights.
thanks for the thoughts... anyone else know what kind of filter this may be?
In her original, the children are under exposed because she did not use fill lighting.

She added some exposure to the image.
The yellowing is usually accomplished using a Curves Adjustment layer in just the Blue channel, but there are often 10 different ways to reach the same goal with Photoshop.
Google/Bing, "vintage yellowed look with Photoshop" .

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