how is it ?

On the 1st, too little room in the left part of the pic. The newspaper is burned.

the second, a pity the 'half head' on the right

the 3rd, .. the subject is stright in the middle of the pic. The tree is a little too dark.

anyway nice shot, expecially the 2nd
i like the second, the bench could use better composition and lighting. also, please read critique forum guidelines before you post, 1 pic a time.
great shots.. few things thought.
1.) Looks a little over, i think you coulda exposed that a little better.

2.)Crop the head out in the bottom right = perfect shot.

3.)Great colors.. boring stance. looks like an average joe walked up, saw a bench and snaped a quick one.

Get down on a knee. make the bence level with you and see what happens.


tilt the camera up as if the bench was not your subject.
These are GREAT starts. I agree with the above critiques; the first image has a lot of hotspots, and you should definitely just crop off a quarter of the second from the right.
the hand distracts me in the 1st picture. The 2nd picture is my favorite (minus the head that was only half shot, but can be easily fixed) The 3rd one just seems boring. Id get a closer view, and more of an angle

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