How to Build a CMD Website in 8 Minutes

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    I wanted to post this video tutorial that walks the viewer through the basic steps of building a CMD website. We created it to help people taking a free trial get the most out of their trial period, but I think it shows anybody how our content management system works. A CMS is the backbone of any website and we have done our best to make our as simple as possible. Take a look and let us know what you think.

    LOCAL SEO for Flash Websites
    For those of you interested in SEO we have started a blog series on Optimizing Flash Websites. We will be exploring SEO strategies for LOCAL businesses all month so come on down and have a look.| Creative Motion Design | Blog
    Did you know there is a CMD promocode for the Photo Forum?

    That's right - you can save $150.00 on any Elite Website, just type the code: thephotoforum in the promocode field. Its like having your own sale 365 days a year!

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