How to create "Camera moving" pictures ?


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Jun 10, 2013
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I so a video or some pictures that move , and i was curios how the guy did it and what software he used to do that?

you can see the video here link.

i want to create one for my self ,i did try with few software's but none of them are moving the pictures ,like his.

can anyone share some advice what soft may do that or a guide how to achieve to come like his?

I do have some pictures made specially for this project,and i wanted to have "camera moving " pictures and to come in full HD, after job is done.

thank you for any advice!

hi,and thanks for this info!

now, on the video from my post,did that guy did some pictures or video?

and let say i do have the slider, a slider made that go in a 180 degrees , like he does, after that what software will

be good to put this together? or any that can do a simple slideshow?

thank you!
You can also use a camera boom/jib/crane. Here's a video of a "simple" single axis crane: Hague Camera Supports K8 Boom Jib - YouTube

But you can get more sophisticated multi-axis cranes that can not only tilt the camera up/down, but also left/right and telescope in/out: Power Scopic Camera - YouTube

I have a friend who does video and he built his own crane. His is a simple single-axis crane like the first one... but home-made and not as elegant as the one in the video.

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