How to make similar effect like this


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Sep 12, 2010
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Here are some pics for that effect with highly saturated and contracst feeling,but not exaggerated.These pics are obviously pretty similar in the retouching method,maybe the same action , preset and etc.
I have tried a lot times but cann't find the way.
Guys you have any idea or you have the similar action/presets?Thanks.






A few can be done by using the levels in photoshop. If you bring the blacks in, that would help some as some of the images that the darks are too dark. Also, you mentioned saturation. That will help a bit. You could also isolate certain colors and bump those up as well.

Some of the images are over sharpened. You could create another layer in photoshop of the same image and place a unsharp mask on it with a level of your preference, maybe around 40%. Set to luminosity. Set opacity. Then merge.

Other ways would be to duplicate layer, use a high pass filter and convert that layer to overlay. Set opacity and merge.

The first one reminds me of a badly done HDR, as the colors are a bit strange. The fifth one looks like it too, but definitely has been sharpened.
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When you post 6 different images and ask something like "how was this done" you're not likely to get many if any replies.

Post 1 image at a time and ask specific questions about a specific technique.

Just trying to be helpful.

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