How to manually adjust speedlight settings?

Ryan Hall

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Jan 4, 2009
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I've got an SB-26 Nikon Speedlight that is not entirely compatible with my D80, so most of the automatic features do not work, therefore I'm learning to manually set the flash settings. Just for a frame of reference, can anyone tell me how the ISO, zoom, and F/x settings are supposed to respond exposure settings on the camera to ensure a good exposure? Are the supposed to be equal to the camera settings? Thanks!
I'm not sure as I'm not familiar with the 26 but set the iso same as camera, zoom speaks for itself, then use the camera aperture according to distance, closer to you close down the lens (F8-F11-F16) further away open it up(F5.6-F4-F2.8),you'll have to experiment for the best exposure as I'm unsure on whether the flash defaults to full manual and what is actually working with the camera, I'm actually in the same predicament, D300+sb28 and have yet to try it out but basically this is the route to follow. H

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