Learning/setting up the Canon R6 M2


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May 1, 2008
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So this thread is part me asking questions and also partly keeping a log of things I've found/quirks/ideas/thoughts. It saves me making 20 threads on different individual questions

It's the first new camera I've had since the 7D so everything is very new from the setup to the controls to the whole jump of 10 odd years of sensor and other tech. Right now I'm also tethered to about 1 ft from the PC because the memory card hasn't yet arrived so I can only muck around a little whilst tethered.

1) My gods jumping 10 odd years of sensor tech is amazing.

2) I threw the Canon MPE 65mm on and noted that as I increased the magnification the viewfinder image got more and more jumpy/erratic with motions. Still functional but a distinct shift from smooth to choppy. Is this because the compensation for the reduced light is eating up the processor as it brightens the image to compensate?

3) I've messed around with a few Sigma lenses and they all seem to work fine (Lightroom even picks up when they are connected and applies the right compensation corrections to them*). Though I am wondering how OS on a sigma lens pairs with the built in stabilization in the camera on something like the 120-300mm f2.8 OS (not the sport version)

4) I've already setup back button AF, but there are way more AF systems in this than the 7D had, both in terms of fine tuning the AF and also in terms of its automatic detection systems. Anyone got any thoughts on a good general set of settings to establish for those? My typical subjects range from wildlife to equine to macro.

5) I already fitted the canon battery grip (so used to one on the 7D for portrait mode and also having somewhere to put my pinky finger when holding the camera normally, plus increased battery life from 2 batteries); however I notice that the old canon hand/wrist strap that used to fit gripped and 1D bodies is gone from being sold and their replacement uses the tripod mount and lug instead of two lugs. So anyone got any thoughts or do I go hunt down a secondhand or other old stock of the original strap.

6) Looks like I need to grab a fairly expensive spacer for the flash since the new flash shoe doesn't work with 600 series and other older flash units - at least the lock systems don't work well. Tried my 600 and whilst it can mount without issue, sealing the lock down clearly puts pressure on two parts of the seal and leaves the front open, thus defeating the point of it. However it seems almost no where in the UK has any stock of the AD-E1. It is just one of those stocking quirks or has it been quietly put on the back burner for being replaced/restocked/supported?

7) LCD screen protector - worth it or not? Also I read mixed reports on if they allow the screen to smoothly fold back into the camera.

8) What power saving modes/features do people recommend for the camera?

*though with the spacer which affects the min focusing distance I wonder if lightrooms profiles for lenses need any adjustment?
This, this is a really boring photo, but it amazes me!

Because this was taken with the MPE 65mm macro at 5:1 without ANY focusing light or anything! Totally natural light focusing and then just a spotlight flash giving some fill along with a super clean ISO; Well super clean for ISO 40000. Seriously this is the kind of shot that when I originally got the lens, I thought would be impossible without a tripod and a slow shutter speed and would have been a nightmare to see and focus on.
So its dull but its also really amazing. Now I just hope the weather gets a tiny bit warmer and clearer (but not too clear) and I can get the camera outside properly and get some proper interesting shots.


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