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Nov 3, 2007
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Your creativity is nice rob. Cool pic.
Robbie, your open-mindedness is refreshing, keep your eyes open, and think for yourself. :thumbup:

Rob, I see a question on the theme of human visual perception. A question of sexual differentiation is presented and noted. Whether these visual misperceptions relate to politics, finance, indoctrination, or class predation, we should all attempt to recognise the affected, if only for family and personal safety. You may have placed the section to the left for my use but I think I will decline.

Thanks for the comment on "A Car Shot",
"I do think you can find better applications for this style. As a starting point it's great, I would like to see you apply it to more photos."
I was not being disingenuous when I said the car took me there. The question of style and application present questions I may not be able to see. ron

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