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How to Properly Open and Edit .jxr (JPEG XR) Images


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Jul 31, 2021
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Afternoon !

Does Someone know how to Properly Open and Edit .jxr (JPEG XR) Images ?

This issue is coming in as part of a test to edit and encode Full HDR 10 Bit Videos Including HDR 10 Bits Screenshot. But OK admitting the HDR ScreenShots are openable in Adobe Premier Pro, How to Take apart these screenshots and edit them before including them in the HDR video timeline ?

IMPORTANT : These screenshots are released in .jxr format by Nvidia ShadowPlay and By the XBOX Game Bar.

Main Objective : So, the Main Objective is to keep the 10 or 12 Bits Color Depth and Luminance Informations and Edit Them in an editing software.

Auxiliary Objective : The Auxiliary Objective is also to directly create digital graphics and overlays for video editing directly in HDR and avoid to have an HDR video suddenly sprinkled with totally uncomfortable SDR graphics coming out in the video in the middle of nowhere, Dark, Dull and Washed Out because they are badly tonemapped and displayed in an HDR video.....

Issues : There are 4 Issues with this process :

_Impossible to Open Properly and Keep the HDR Information and Rec 2020 Color Grading In Photography Editing softwares even with Adobe Photoshop "JPEGXR Plug-in for Photoshop" or with Gimp "Chausner gimp-jxr 2.1.1" Plugin

_Impossible to convert .jxr format for instance with "JXR to HDR - onlineconvert.com" in others HDR formats to test the compatibility with Photoshop or Gimp :
Formats like : OpenEXR (.exr), Radiance (.HDR), DirectDraw Surface (.DDS)

_Even if it's possible to properly read the image through Photoshop or Gimp by keeping the HDR information : After That, How to edit the Images in question because even both softwares have only a color palette going from 0-255 per color channel, instead of going from 0-1024 for the 10 bits color depth and 0-4096 for the 12 bits color depth per color channel.

_Obviously the Color Precision in Gimp in 32 bits floating point or 32 bits on Photoshop have been tested and have nothing to do with the HDR Color Depth per Channel Color but have to do with the precision of grading color between the 0-255 within the 8 bit color depth here also.....

Assessment : If Someone has already figured out this HDR Image creation, edition, implementation, issue and could answer to the initial question, it would be really helpful.
This issue is to wondering how the videogames developers, cinema editors, VFX artists, are dealing with these Still HDR Images creation, edition, implementations.
What Softwares are they Using Because even Photoshop cannot do that ?
What File Extension are they Using ????
Even if some people say the HDR is recent, OK but the HDR Blurays and Games Support exist at least since 2017 and the Displays Also since Samsung introduced them 2017......

Also, it's currently impossible to find good results on Google because the Terms match with something which have literally nothing to with HDR which is called "HDR" and which refers to a multiple photo post production contrast effect use in Photography and not with the 12 Bits per Color Channel and 1000 nits minimum luminance Standard for HDR.

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