How to shoot nudes?


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Nov 5, 2008
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What would be the best kind of way I could create some mood type nude shots. I dont have any specialist lighting. Will the pictures be boring if they are not done with studio light?
No, you DON'T need studio lights.

Look up Katie West on Flickr, she does a LOT of nude/semi nude (mainly self) portraits and many of her shots are using natural light.

For some styles of shots you would need lighting, but a strobist setup can work fine where you do need additional lighting.

But Reflectors, natural light, outdoors etc. can all provide wonderfull lighting options for creative shots.
I have seen some amazing nude/implied/bodyscape shots with the light from a simple clamp light to be honest. Play around if you have a willing participant and you will get it right.
As long as there is light....enough to take a photo....the pic will be boring only if the photographer is boring

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