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How to upload photos directly from your computer


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Apr 9, 2009
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It has been announced every member can now attach photos using the attachment system.
Also the PM limit has been increased to 200 for registered members and for premium members the PM limit is now 2000.

Attached photos can be uploaded directly from your computer.

That eliminates the need to use an outside image hosting service

Click on the thumbnails below left to right to see how to attach photos to your post:
NOTE: The maximum files size you can upload is about 2 Mb. Also photo size is pixel size, not file size.
There is no limit I'm aware of on pixel size, but the more pixels the photo has the longer it will take to upload.
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Cool... now we have MODS opening multiple threads on the same subject! lol! :greenpbl:
Comparitively speaking, members don't visit this forum section to often.

Besides it's such good news.
Sounds good, I guess. I'm not sure what "the attachment system" of posting is...can you elaborate?
Guys, the attach image doesn't work so well... I just uploaded a pic in a post and it comes up thumbnail size. Any fix? Original size was 640x426. Displays fine if I use flickr.
Click on the image itself and it will show larger :)
hmmmm........can't delete it.....sorry $bm-image-715961.jpeg
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^^^much different than the 1st time I attached that file in the other thread today
hmmmm........can't delete it.....sorry View attachment 3552

There should be a "Close" button on the lower right. But there alternatives ...

For me, with a 3-button mouse, clicking the middle button brings the image itself up in a tab. I can close the tab by clicking the "X" in the tab along the tab line.

For those with a 2-button mouse or driver limited to that, do right click and select "open in tab" (or if brave, "open in new window"), or their equivalents for your browser.
It would be really nice if the attachments didn't clock every time you click on them. Like the full size is pre-loaded when the thread is loaded.

If you're clicking through someone who has posted a bunch of pics, you spend more time loading photos than actually viewing them.

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