How to use selenium toner?

Antonio Bunt

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Jul 18, 2008
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Hi, normally I just develop my film rolls with the 4-step (developer, stop bath, fixer and water), I happen to have a bottle of selenium toner, how do I use it? Do I need the hypo clearing agent too? Thanks!
Do you want to use it for its archival properties or for adding density? You do need to wash properly before using it. Some give a short couple of washes, then use a combined KRST/KHCA bath, but I just wash completely (after using rapid fixer - this washes out easily) then tone, then wash again. Though I have done it for a long time, I'm not convinced that there is any need to use selenium toner on film for archival reasons, however.

I would second Helen's remark about the need.

Selenium is usually used with prints.

Years ago speia type toners were used to protect film , but rarely these days.
So now I have a selenium bottle to spare! (I really don't print silver/gelatin anymore) Thanks a lot for your reply!
On film, the toner boosts contrast n makes the highlites sparke but this takes some experimenting. Also you'd have to shoot may frames of the same subject so you can afford to lose a few frames to experimneting till you get it at exactly the right density.


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