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    Was out in California for 2 months working on the firebomber. They are just starting up a web site. the video is broken at the moment. But is pretty cool.

    They just signed a 3 year contract with the State of California. Already talking about building another one. We have 3 planes in storage there that are ready to be converted. But the parts take a while to manufacture.

    Now back in Atlanta with nothing to do. Almost done moving into new house. Taking month of July off for vacation and get some work done on the house.

    Last month I happened to get the best ebay deal of my life. I picked up an absolutely clean well working Agfa E-6 slide processor. I bought it for .01 from a small processing company that moved and didn't want it any more. Yes .01 ! :) they just needed it out of the store they used to rent. And I happened to be able to help them out. :) New machines are $30,000! I made sure before I picked it up could still be useable since Agfa is no longer around. And they told me they used current Fuji chemicals in it the last 3 years. I was like I will be there in 1 hour. hahaha.

    I also have a line on a Agfa MSC 101 film and paper processor for $350! Not a digital unit but would still work wonders for me. Especially since the price and its a clean working unit.

    Good thing I have a big storage building at new house. Has its own 200amp electric service. Just have to get water out to it. Going to have a nice photo play room. :). If I don't run out of money buying stuff first (already happend :) ).


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