Howdy from DC area... newby, intermediate skill, question too


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Dec 29, 2007
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Hi fellow artists... I don't know if I can take myself serious enough to even frequent these forums, but let me ask you even if only on a 10-scale, higher being better, what are the chances a guy who has good passion and decent talent can at least make a website (know how already) that will result in his photos being seen, and just occasionally, bought?

I just want to have a couple of real-life portfolios to show off, and although not seriously considering it yet, sell, possibly, and I'd like to send friends and family to a web site that makes me look one or two steps up from that one guy in your family who thinks he's the photo guy.... ya know? Ok I've been vague and I don't blame any who have critical responses... but if anybody's feeling generous, give me a swift kick in the right direction....please?

Oh yeah, I'm 35, work on copiers, and my kid lives in VT and my lady in southern VA so after work everyday I have ALOT of time on my hands.
first of all, welcome to the forum :)

On this forum you find people with all levels of experience, don't worry!

passion and the willingness to learn and improve are a good start! If this is combined with some stamina and not giving up after first disappointments, then I see no problem :)

As for selling, it is also a question of what you photograph and how you market yourself. Technical or artsy quality often only come second. This does not mean they are not important, they certainly are!!! But without the choice of subject and the marketing those skills alone will not help to sell you any image.

Just post some of your images on here, and ask for advice and opinions, this will give you a feeling where you stand in terms of photography. We do not bite on here ... most of the time :)
Welcome aboard the forum. Alex took care of your question, so I can't add much there. We have a great bunch here, hope you find TPF just what the doctor ordered.
Welcome aboard.
Welcome! :mrgreen:

Alex took care of your question and he's right.. they defintely don't bite around here. Great forum to learn and get feedback from!

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