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Nov 5, 2008
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I did post this on another forum but thought it may do better on here. I have been using the g series hoya on my kit lense, im getting a new lens tomorrow 70-300vr, was considering the hoya Pro filters but they r a lot more expensive. Is there a big quality difference between the g and the pro?
While I can't say for sure, I have never had problems with any Hoyas I've bought. The main benefit of the pros (I believe) are thinner rings and even fancier multicoatings. But as long as your filters are multicoated in the first place, the difference among different coatings is relatively minor.
The cheap hoya filters don't have any multicoating on them and are much more prone to flare than the more expensive ones.

I'm not familiar with the nikon lenses, but asuming you are paying a good buck for it, why put a cheap filter on it?
The Hoya Super HMC UV filters are priced just below the Pro series and are multi coated. I think these are completely adequate for most usages. Here is a good site for filters: 2filter.com
If you have a Ritz or Wolf camera around, their Quantaray Pro Digital filters are good and i hear they are made by Hoya anyway. THey are the multicoat thin ones for about half of what Hoya charges.
Here's a test of every filter UV filter in hoya's lineup: http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/...100830-more-hoya-filter-comparison-tests.html

Basically huge jump in quality from the cheaper to the HMC, minimal change to SHMC, no change (or rather if you consider bright blue more annoying then it's actually a step backwards) up to Pro1D.
Btw Ebay is the place to go for Hoya filters. The ones from camera stores are ludicrously overpriced. I can get a Hoya SHMC for the price of a hoya standard in our local Teds Cameras.

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