Hoya Filters??? Confusing???


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Nov 25, 2011
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I'm interested in a 58mm CPL filter from Hoya. Honestly, only because I see them mentioned here quite often. I also see Tiffen mentioned, maybe not as much as Hoya though. So question one, with a budget of say $50-$70 would you recommend either? Second, it turns out that Hoya seems to make a variety of CPL's. I've come across at least 6 different filters contained in different colored cases. Does that mean I'm looking at some obsolete models being sold as new?
Finally, I've also noticed that some are made in Japan and some made in the Philipines. Is that a source of concern??
One thing to watch for, that will affect the price, is the coatings on the filter. 'Multi-Coated' is a common option for many filters. The coatings are to prevent reflections, which could cause lens flare or lack of contrast.

Another thing that will affect the price of a filter, is the thickness. You can often find a 'slim' option for a given filter. Slim filters are usually used for ultra wide angle filters, where a normal filter might protrude far enough to be seen by the lens (causing vignetting).
Hoya and Tiffen are very comparable in terms of quality and price. Both are decent mid-range, consumer-grade filters. Don't worry about the colour of the case, but do look for ones that are multi-coated (reduces reflection, ghosting & flare) and if they have any made of brass, buy those over aluminum or steel ringed versions as they are less likely to get "stuck" on to your lens threads. Ignore designations such as "digital" and "pro". They mean nothing and are only there for marketing.

Edited to add: Hey Mike, get outta my head!
Believe it or not, I just sold a barely-used Hoya 58 CPL on ebay. It went for $36. New, the Hoya HDs are in the $65 and up range.
I highly suggest looking at SHMC or Pro1 coated filters only. The cheap Hoyas are horrendous. The good Hoyas are quite acceptable. Better filter brands are overpriced for what you get in my opinion.
Thanks Dao, your link was very informative and a little surprising. Marumi is a name that I'm unfamiliar with, however did great in the polarizing filter test.
Is Marumi a legit contender? The prices are very attractive. Anyone experienced with Marumi filters, I 'd love to hear your opinion.

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