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Dec 18, 2007
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Seven Valleys, PA
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This was my first shot at HDR...I feel like you can't really tell. Is this just a bad subject for HDR, or did I do something wrong in PP? Or does it look OK? I really can't tell.
Well, usually HDR is used to capture something outdoors.. Like... Using different exposures to capture the sky and the landscape as the eye see's it.

I dont really see much of the HDR effect in the picture.
Helps when the subject has a high Dynamic Range. Put a black cloth behind it and harsh out the light on one side and it might work better. Maybe less DOF for more effect? Or just shoot something with more DR.

-Shea :mrgreen:
OK, thanks for the replies. I've seen some B&W stuff that's HDR, and I was just curious to see how something like this turned out. Compared to the originals, this does look pretty good, if I do say so myself. I would have liked to do some landscape, but it was just too darn cold outside yesterday so I stayed inside and shot some macros of my bikes. It's all about learning the craft. :D

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