Humming Birds (Again)


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Mar 18, 2021
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The Colony, Texas, USA
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The parameters were better today, and these guys gave me some good shots, given that I was at my work station, and had to take the shots through a dirty window. Note to self, wash the windows.

1 f/6.3 1/1250 ISO 320 209mm
aug23202101 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr

2 f/6.3 1/1250 ISO 400 400mm
aug23202102 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr
Nice set, Jeff, looks good. At that low ISO you might be able to go as fast as 1/2000 without pushing the ISO too high. Besides, you have good software to deal with a little noise. I'd be interested to see how it comes out.
Nice composition on #2. I like the closer-up version. I think I'm going to have to get myself a prettier feeder.
I like 2 since it can be hard to get two in one shot.
I like 2 since it can be hard to get two in one shot.
Thanks! They are actually quite territorial, and these two were trying to chase each other off, so I got lucky in being able to catch both of them at one time, because they were moving pretty darn fast.

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