I almost got him in focus

Scott Whaley

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Aug 4, 2018
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I didn't feel like going to the lake this afternoon, so, I went out in the backyard to take some photos. I spotted this male cardinal flying around the bloom on our crepe myrtle tree. Here are a few I was able to capture. Man, those guys are fast.

Male Cardinal Flying (1 of 6).jpg

Male Cardinal Flying (2 of 6).jpg

Male Cardinal Flying (3 of 6).jpg

Male Cardinal Flying (4 of 6).jpg

Male Cardinal Flying (5 of 6).jpg

Male Cardinal Flying (6 of 6).jpg
#1 is pretty cool, and I like #4. I'd think about adjusting the aperture so you can get the front and back wing in focus. I'd probably try to focus ahead of time, figure out a vantage point and get the white flowers all in focus to have enough depth of field to get the entire bird in focus.

Kind of like shooting hockey (the players don't cooperate posing any better than wildlife does!). I'd often get focused on the net, make sure I had enough depth of field to get several players in focus. then wait for them to skate into my viewfinder.
Sounds good in theory, but real life photography doesn't always allow for you to set things properly. I just got lucky when I saw him flying around the bloom. I didn't have time to change settings. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.
Well, it's not always about having the sharpest pic. You captured a cool moment with a cool bird, which may be a personal thing, but thanks for sharing anyway. I like "stop motion" shots.
Yeah, the focus is out as you state but not an easy task. Multi point continious focus is the way to go imo.

With the exception of No 5 the compositions are decent.

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