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Oct 27, 2011
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I own a DSLR which is a bit bulky and heavy and you always need to carry all your lens with you in case you need them for a shot . So i was going to go for the lighter option and get a Compact System Camera because it has the most of what a of a DSLR has but the more i Look at cameras bridge are not a bad option ethier.
Welcome to the confusion of the camera market.

My short advice is: Everything is a tradeoff. The trick is to identify what is being traded off against what and for how much $.

The challenge is that cameras is a very mature market with a very wide set of features and abilities and a wide range of price points.
It really is quite confusing isn't it? Which camera to bring with you? I too have a DSLR and a nice range of lenses that I've spent thousands on building. Then, like you, I decided that it's not always necessary to bring all that glass with me to every venue and outing so I also opted for the canon g12. Then I started bring both the g12 and the dslr and all the glass. Then I got an iphone. now what? All 3? For me, the iphone is always there. If I happen upon an unexpected shot, whip out the iphone for a quick shot. If I am going somewhere and I expect that I "might" want some "decent" shots, I opt for the g12. If it is truly a special event or I know that I intend to do some printing of the shots, it's an obvious choice....DSLR and I try to anticipate what lens I'll need given the event and venue.

Sadly, as I've added more options, I've actually taken less pictures. So, I guess you really have to consider your own personal opinions, how you view the importance and your needs. Personally, I should get my dslr out much more often and start shooting again. your mileage may vary.
I bought a canon s100 just to have a small convenient option, and because my wife is intimidated by the "big camera." The problem now is that many times I bring the s100 instead of the DSLR out of convenience, then end up kicking myself because for some reason or another I usually end up wishing I had the DSLR.
Mobile device cameras are steadily reducing P&S camera sales.

I carried an SLR or a DSLR daily for about 25 years.
Car keys? Check! Wallet? Check! Camera? Check! Camera gear bag? Check! Cell phone? Check! OK! Lets go!

Frankly, if you can't be bothered to carry a DSLR you will limit the types and quality of images you make in your daily travels.
I had a backpack in the car that had a second camera body, extra lenses, a couple of flash units, and other support gear.
My 'walkaround' lens was a 25-85 mm f/2.8-4 that also had a 1:2 macro capability from 35 mm to 85 mm.
Why not get a nice carryaround zoom lens, like a 18-105. 24-85 etc. Then take that one lens for "everyday" use and save everything else for planned events.
The more crap you carry, the less-motivated you will be, and the more time to you spend dicking around with different lenses and pondering and hemming and hawing about choosing the right this or that. The LESS you have,the lighter your carry load, the simpler the decision-making process, and the more more mental energy you can apply to making good pictures. Carrying everything you can possibly carry is a lot worse an option than carrying a very simple outfit.
I take out my DSLR+its gear no more then once a week which is on weekend when I go out with my family.
For easy use I will take my P&S the Canon G15, fantastic camera and small enough to keep in the wifes hand bad.

This way I have the best of both world, the DSLR for serious shooting and the G15 for family events or when ever I think I might need a camera but doesnt want to schlep around the DSLR.

In regards to bridge camera, well it might look like a DSLR and have a huge zoom but these come with a smaller sensor and slow lenses.

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