I am really confused. Need help in buying.


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Dec 24, 2007
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All three of the above speaking about Video recording. I want to know if the recording is same like a normal handycam. Or does it mean something else? Please clarify. If this has video capturing feature, I plan to pick this up rather than a handycam.

Please help

By the way, I am not a professional photographer,. I want it just for general purpose.
Yes these things will record video but not quite as well as a true handycam. On handycams the microphones now tend to be stereo and of increasingly better quality and handycams usually have some sort of continuous lighting or can accommodate one.
The video on most still cameras is fine for sharing on your computer or putting on youtube, but you will be far more limited in terms of quality and recording length and battery life. I would go with a mini-DV camcorder, you can find them fairly cheap new and used.
Yes I agree with both of you. It cannot provide what a handycam can. I saw a panasonic handycam, in fact 2, but guess what, it doesnt have still picture capture, but just motion video recording. The still picture one was pretty expensive.

I basically need one for my video blog where I can post a topic( I keep the cam in front of me, speak, and upload to my blog).

Do you think the links I provided above will perform this for me?

Thanks a lot guys. I at least have an idea now based on your responses.

Thanks again
Also, My videos blogs are not more than 10 minutes. http://www.problogger.net. Go to that blog and check his video. Mine will be something like that.

My wife wants to use the Still Picture function. The hadycams I saw doesnt have Still picture function.

I hope you get the picture.

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