I’d like to get some good UV and polarizing filters for a digital SLR


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Jun 4, 2006
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I’ve just bought Nikon D200 and would like to get good quality filters – one to protect the lens and keep it on all the time (UV or skylight) and a polarizing filter for higher saturation.

What filters would you recommend – I’m thinking about Hoya HMC multicoated ones.
Do you know a vender/web site in the UK where I can buy them at a good price?

Many thanks,
I have kenko UV's and a circular polarizing filter. They work very well, as far as i can tell. The UV's stay on each lens all the time (28-80 and 70-300). The circular polarizer switches back and forth. I have to use a step-up ring to put the polarizer on the short lens, but it seems to have no problems at all.
When I first bought my D50 I used a UV filter on it all the time. I was having trouble maintaning sharpness with my images so I removed the filter. I have never put it back.

Maybe I just bought a PoS filter but I have seen two and both have been nothing but trouble.
Thanks. I just hope I can get a step-up ring for 72mm and 77mm lenses.
Stuart. I believe if you bought a good quality lens such as Hoya multicoated UV lens. It's around £30.

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