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Oct 20, 2011
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we could receive messages anywhere here other than the inbox, but evidently we can receive them in the photo gallery too... Because I got spammed over there and just discovered it:

From: FPhoto [ January 31 10:01PM ] [ Reply ]

You are invited to compete in the Worldwide Prize Money Photo Contest

Your photographs are quite amazing and even stunning! You have a good eye for composition and are either an incredible natural talent or you know your photography really well. We believe your work would be a good contribution to the contest and you are a strong candidate for winning.

Worldwide Prize Money Photo Contest is a new contest open to photographers from all over the globe. Impress the contestants with your best work and collect the prize money no matter where you are from. Read more about how to enter, how the judging works and about the prizes on the Official site.
Regards, Photo Contest team
[ link ]

And the scam? It's $15 to enter an image! So, how many newbies do you think they roped into that?
Hmm did you report the spam? I know the gallery works a little differently to the main site (somehow) though I've honestly never really poked my nose too far into the galleries themselves. There should be a facility there to report things so that we notice them.
There's no "report" button in there. I just thought it was a little funny... And it's kind of wierd... there's no notification of a note in the galleries or anything... I stumbled upon it by accident when I uploaded a few random shots today!

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