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    My mom stumbled upon a lady who just moved into a house with a bunch of used developing equipment. I know what most of it is, but 3 things I have never seen/heard of before in my life.
    I think it might be for color? There were a few obvious color developing chemcials, and some black and white chemicals that I know I can use...but the following I've never even heard of before And so far I've only done Black and White? Anyway can anyone help me identify the following:
    -Uniprint developer (color??)
    -This thing:[​IMG]
    -Bessler dichro 675 (Enlarger from what I can tell with the pictures she's sent me. Is it a color enlarger?)

    I told my mom to take the stuff without even looking at it because I figured I could use it someday and it was all free? Did I make a good choice or will we just have a lot of extra junk in our garage?


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