I feel absolutely gutted at this piece of news

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Mar 10, 2007
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I don't know quite how to express what I feel about this other than to refer to the above headline. I didn't catch his work anywhere near early enough, but he is one author whose words I read without fail. I can only say that I wish you the very best in your current and future endeavours, and that you will be sadly missed by me and many others when you are no longer able to communicate to us.

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Wow, what a shame. There is much we don't know/understand about this disease. This will be a tragic loss for the literary community.
Alzheimer's is an insidious disease. It must be terrible to hear the diagnosis while you still have your faculties, and know what is to come. May his wish of being able to pump out some more books before the disease truly takes hold be granted.
My sister met Pratchett once.
She was a big fan.
She said he spent the whole time almost dribbling down her cleavage* :lol:

* My sister had that effect on most men.
If I develop Alzheimers, I'm moving to the Netherlands with the quickness.
Giant shame, that...the only Pratchett I've read is Good Omens (written alongside Neil Gaiman), and that book was fantastic, I need to read more of him. Huge shame.

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