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Nov 23, 2007
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This christmas my parents got me a sunpack digi flash 2000, I love shooting with it!
However i've finally decided i'm gonna take it off the camera, and start using it on a stand.

My questions are do you guys have any recommended stands for this? Also hotshoe adapters, and triggers? and do you think i'd be okay getting an umbrella instead of a softbox for this?

Finally if later i decide i want to go the monolights route, will this sunpack also work with monolights later on..I'm a bit in the dark about all this. This is my first time ever using lights, i've been reading strobist and a few book, i wanna finally get this going.

I'm shooting a canon rebel XT. and i have a reflector that i will be using with this.

I'd really appreciate some tips on this.
There's a video there showing everything you need to get you going :)
I went with the following from amazon when I took my 580 off camera:

Shoe adapter multi-clamp
[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Photoflex-Shoe-Mount-Multiclamp/dp/B00009UT18/ref=pd_bbs_4?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1237847886&sr=8-4]Amazon.com: Shoe Mount Multiclamp: Electronics[/ame]

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Westcott-750-Photo-Basics-7-5-Foot/dp/B000NIKQ7Q/ref=pd_bxgy_e_text_b]Amazon.com: Westcott 750 Photo Basics 7.5-Foot Light Stand: Camera & Photo[/ame]

Shoot through and reflective umbrella
[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Adorama-Interior-Umbrella-Removeable-Cover/dp/B000ANCZ28/ref=pd_bxgy_p_text_c]Amazon.com: Adorama 40" White Interior Umbrella with Removeable Black Cover.: Camera & Photo[/ame]

There are sites out there now that sell 'strobist kits' but the above is lightweight, flexible and it works and it's cheap ($62.80 if you use their 'buy all together' option).

If you get a metal hotshoe clamp, make sure you cover the inside base (contact point) with electrician's tape.
Thank you for your rgeat responses guys i'm looking into your suggestions right away!

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