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I got my 17-50 today

Boz Mon

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Apr 2, 2008
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First impression, this thing is sweet. Awesome DOF at f/2.8. I havent shot with it a lot seeing as how it was dark when I got home. I did mess around in the kitchen a bit. Tomorrow I will go outside and see what I can find in my yard. I look forward to warm weather, and having class in downtown Chicago.
I take it you're talking of the same Tamron 17-50 that I have?

I love that lens. I just took this shoot 2 days ago... It's amazing how sharp the images are:

La Photos
I got the same lens for my Sony. Great lens...probably my best lens purchase so far (my other purchases are a 50/1.7 minolta and a 10-20/4-5.6 Sigma). The 10-20 Sigma lens is really cool, but not practical for most shots.
I pick up mine (used) over the weekend as well. But did not have a chance to really use it yet. (assuming we are talking about the Tamron lens)
Yea, its the tamron, and unfortunately it is raining outside so I am going to post the crappy first inside shots that I took yesterday.



Thats all for now.

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