I have a shoot coming up.....need suggestions.


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Mar 11, 2009
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My hair guy is going to place an ad in a local magazine and he asked me to photograph him with his biz partner for the ad. His idea is something urban and artsy. I was thinking of shooting at the same place I shot my kids in some photos I has posted previously- an outdoor area with a red brick wall and outdoor stage. I also thought that the nearby railroad tracks, and other buildings downtown might be good choices as well. I was thinking of having them wear black shirts with jeans. Yay? Nay? Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas? I am doing this shoot on Tuesday morning. Thanks in advance!
what color and style of hair do they each have ?
I personally have seen a lot of railroad track portraits in my (somewhat limited) time. I think the wall/stage area sound interesting- could we see some of the other pictures to get a better idea?

What are your plans for lighting?
Well, Nathan's, as of today, is dyed blond with a big patch of purple on top and he wears it spiked. Perhaps in honor of the Lenten season? :) Last time he cut my hair it was dark brown with some bright blue. I have no idea what Jessica looks like.
What are your plans for lighting?
Natural daylight. I'm hoping for overcast, but we'll see.

As for samples, here are a few of my kids:





These were shot with my kit lens. I'll likely be using the 50mm f/1.4
I think the location used in those shots is a lot more interesting than the stereotypical train tracks shot. If this is a relatively recognizable location, it will add some "local flavor" to the shoot as well.

As for the lighting, it looks like you know what you're doing with natural light (and exposure and processing). Nice shots of the kids- you should be fine.

I would be careful using the new 50mm if you aren't too familiar with it. Wide open at closer distances you're going to have a pretty narrow depth of field. Moving from my kit lens to a 50mm f/2 left me consistently shooting with too narrow a depth of field on close faces (it was a manual focus lens, which didn't help much), and this can be easy to miss on the blurry little LCD. If you get a chance, drag someone else out there first and play around with the lens a little bit. Trust me, it's disappointing to get back from shooting with the new fast lens and realize you have sharp eyes and blurry noses (or, as often happened to me, sharp noses and blurry eyes).
What kind of magazine is it ? Must it be conventional color
and presentation.?

I'd at least use the brickwork and the 'trellis' / arch things. Can you get up on the roof? That might yeild something too..big sky canvas
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Thanks! I don't think I will shoot the lens wide open because I don't want to miss the focus, and in daylight I don't believe I'll need it wide open to get the exposure right. Here is the magazine...

Candids / overcast sky / concrete / masonry / distressed brickwork / a situation that can be used as a split, two-tone backdrop: dark for the blond subject and light for the darkhair / high contrast black and white / LOMO style color saturation, contrast and vignetting / motion blur / selective focus.

Anything really =D

What kind of magazine is it ? Must it be conventional color
and presentation.?

EDIT: I wrote this before I saw your pics. I'd at least use the brickwork and the 'trellis' / arch things. Can you get up on the roof? That might yeild something too..

I think the photo can be anything he wants it to be. I guess I need to know how large of an ad he is taking out. That certainly would help.
It looks sensible.. professionally presented 'lifestyle' type imagery.

Having seen that covershot, I'd utilise some elegant architectural forms
and scenic background rather than the grungy brickwork.
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Thank you very much! I will report back after the shoot on Tuesday morning!

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